CFD simulations with bidirectional coupling between sensor and flow


The fluctuation based flow sensing approach with our microscaled hair sensors creates new possibilities of flow detection close to the surface. We use multiphysics simulations to approximate measurement data, taking into account a bidirectional interaction between the moving fluid and the mechanical bending of the cantilever (see image below). Applying validated multiphysics models accelerates the investigation of our flow sensors for different boundary conditions such as varying media, flow velocities and flow directions. The findings from the simulations allow for approximations about the interdependent influence of adjacent sensors.

Multiphysics models serve as a basis for customer-specific problems and help to optimally position the sensors in complex construction spaces. Furthermore, multiphysics simulations can help to determine sensitivities of the individual sensors in order to achieve best possible measurement results. Complex measurement spaces may require more detailed flow sensing and therefore more sensors in various areas. Multiphysics simulations serve as the basis for complex flow investigations with our sensor technology.