Exhibit in the Bionicum


To celebrate the sixth anniversary of the Bionicum in the Nuremberg Zoo, there is now a new exhibit on the amazing sensory capabilities of fish to discover. Dr. Claudio Abels and the Bionicum team led by Dr. Eva Gebauer ceremonially opened the new exhibit. Visitors are now able to use an interactive game to show a small fish a safe way home to the lagoon. Among other things, it has to avoid sharks, ships and water snakes. In a very playful way, visitors learn how fish perceive water movements with their lateral line organ, i.e. via small sensory cells in their skin. This enables them to avoid dangers or obstacles.

The new attraction in the Bionicum was designed cooperatively by Fluctomation and the Bionicum. The exhibit is a greatly simplified lateral line organ which was customized to the needs of museums and trade fairs. The digital fish on the screen can be controlled by running one's fingers over both fish sides. The interactive game was realized by a local, specialized company.

The Bionicum in the Nuremberg Zoo is ideal for families, classes and interested young scientists, and now has one more attraction.

Many thanks for the good cooperation!