Biologisierung 2019


With the Cluster-Forum Biologisierung, the Bavarian New Materials Cluster offered the opportunity to experience the future topic of biologisation with concrete examples from research and industrial development. The main topics were the "building blocks" for the bioeconomy from the perspective of materials sciences:

  • Bio-based materials - Sustainable use of natural resources
  • Biomimetics - transferring the inspiration of nature into technology
  • Additive manufacturing - efficient rebuilding of intelligent design
  • Industrial biotechnology - produce resources sparingly
  • Synthetic biology - molecular tools and machines for production

Our contribution "Bioinspirierte Mikroströmungssensoren für den Maschinenbau und die Verfahrenstechnik" (Bio-inspired, microscaled flow sensors for mechanical and process engineering) was one of nine examples of the mentioned topics which were presented at the Bionicum in Nuremberg.